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J Bar Angus
Mark a& Karen Janak
972 FM 340
Hallettsville, Texas
Phone 361-798-5662
Fax: 361-798-1209

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Mark A. Janak-Manager
Karen Janak-manager

    We strive to produce leading Angus genetics. Cattle that are easy fleshing, have strong maternal traits and the ability to calve once a year without assistance on pasture grass and hay alone. This means utilizing the most out of the grass. Rotational grazing, weed control, fertilization of grass and management are required. 

Hay cuttings are done every 28 days rain permitting. Our cattle go through the winter with hay and  mineral, therefore we aim for moderate sized easy fleshing cattle. Cattle out in the pasture cannot expect to have a feed bucket present.

    We believe that the carcass data is an increasingly important part of the beef business and is a must for the future of the beef industry. In the year 2000 we started ultra-sounding our Angus cattle and are continuing to do so. We participate fully in the AHIR program, and use the results in our breeding program. We  use sound herd health practices.

    AI Work is done annually as a part of our breeding program. We feel this is the quickest way to improve genetics. Heifers are AI'd annually with a select few mature cows. 

We run 400 registered black Angus cows that are both AI and natural bred with registered Black Angus herd bulls. We run 50 registered black Angus cows that we breed to registered Gray Brahman bulls to produce the Golden Certified replacement F1 Brangus female. Calves are born annually September thru January-Fall calves and January thru March- Spring calves. *