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J Bar Angus
Mark a& Karen Janak
972 FM 340
Hallettsville, Texas
Phone 361-798-5662
Fax: 361-798-1209

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J Bar Angus is one of the founding members of Lone Star Angus Alliance (LSAA) and plays an active part in Lone Star Angus Alliance‚Äôs sales.  LSAA is an organization composed of  individual ranches in South Central Texas, committed to bringing you outstanding Angus genetics. LSAA's  goal is to promote genetic improvement in Angus cattle and LSAA members are constantly striving to do just that.  LSAA's past  female and bull sales have been an overwhelming  success thanks to the buyers who came out.  

LSAA Female Sale         LSAA Bull Sale

          April 24, 2021                   December 3, 2021


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Call 361-798-6558, or email us.  
Listed below are the members of the Lone Star Angus Alliance:

J Bar Angus
Mark & Karen Janak-Managers
972 FM 340
Hallettsville, TX 77964
J Bar

Doug & Julie Willard
Willard Angus Ranch
10860 CR 321
Caldwell, TX 77836

Sarofim Angus Cattle Co.
P.O. Box 238
Industry, TX 78944